Wojin coffee valves were designed and helped to release air pressure from the container or packing of product, also blocked the air to enter into it.

2012: One-way degassing valve WJ1901, One-way degassing valve WJ1902, Valve applicator VM-01, Coffee bags

May, 2015: Valve applicator VM-02

February, 2016: Valve applicator VM-04

May, 2016: Patch valve WJ01P

In domestic market, we are the only one enterprise with high standards of materials and production requirements, also the only one in domestic to introduce Japan's production line - automatic production equipment processing filter. Ensure that the one-way degassing valve size is same quality. And installation will not be variant, no any burr or defect.

Wojin one way degassing valve is mainly used in food packaging, therefore, our one way degassing valve is to use PE material, 100% of the raw materials import from Europe and US, which passing SGS and ROHS instruction, and had approved by United States FDA requirements for food contact material, also passed through without heavy metal testing. Our concern is not just valve quality, is more concern about what it involves food safety.

Furthermore, we made numerous changes in small details of the semi-automatic valve applicator, so that products in the violence of the logistics process will not easy to be damaged, in line with food manufacturers on the food packaging equipment seamless clean requirements, reduce crease on the bag after pressure valve, develop a processing equipment which both durable and price is inexpensive.

Carefully produce each product is our changeless goal.

Wojin is your definitely trusted long-term partner.