advantage of the wojin one way degassing valve

13 May 2018

Foshan Shunde Leliu Wojin plastics product factory is the only company with its own brand (Wojin®), it was established in 2012. Wojin plastic product factory is professional production, sales of one way degassing valve, is the only production line in China that introduces Japanese automatic production equipment processing filter. Wojin one way degassing valve has the same dimensions, no deformation, no burrs, and no product defects.

There has has eight advantages of wojin one way degassing valve:

1. There are many types of Wojin one way degassing valves meet your needs. There are five types of one way degassing valve:WJ1901 one way degassing valve with filter;WJ1902 one way degassing valve without filter, and WJ01P sticker label valve. In addition, as the sole official authorized agent in China, there are two types, one way degassing valve of model goglio and one way degassing valve of model WIPF.

2.The Wojin one way degassing valve conforms to the requirements of food packaging inspection. Every raw material in the product has no difference, and no toxic gas will be released. One way degassing valve raw material is 100% comes from imported European and American brands, and the raw materials passing SGS and ROHS instruction, and had approved by United States FDA requirements for food contact material.

3.Wojin plastic product factory continues to innovate and maintains strong industry competitiveness. Innumerable small detail changes in the use of the equipment, so that the product is not easily damaged in violent logistics transportation and reduce bag wrinkles.

4.Wojin one way degassing valve with high quality and high purity of raw materials. The one way degassing valve is composed of a plastic cover, film, closed adhesive oil (sealing oil), bottom cover, and filter net (suitable for the use of powdered objects). Wojin one way degassing valve has sufficient raw materials and will not cut corners.

5.Wojin one way degassing valve are not afraid of inspection and support testing.You can put some coffee bean in the coffee bag with different coffee valve, Brew some coffee every month to try the taste. During the brewing process, observe the foam of the coffee powder. The foam is a lot and dense, which means the coffee beans are fresh and well preserved. If the sour taste is heavy, the coffee beans are degraded.

6. In order to facilitate the installation of valves for customers, WoJin plastic products factory develops, produces and sells semi automatic valve applicator. Wojin plastic product factory have developed and produced four type semi automatic valve applicator for our customers according to their different needs.

7.According to our client request ,the semi automatic valve applicator can hot pressure the coffee valve on the coffee bag . Wojin plastic product factory focuses on long-term development, does not hurt user value due to commercial interests, pays close attention to and deeply understands customer needs, and attaches importance to communicating with customers.

8. The Wojin one way degassing valve is subjected to strict checks. Each process of the product is strictly controlled. Before each finished product, a large number of experiments are carried out, the delivery is on time, and the service level is high.

Wojin one way degassing valve is your first choice!

advantage of the wojin one way degassing valve

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Originally published 13 May 2018, updated 13 May 2018.


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