The one way degassing valve technology from Wojin is the leader in the field of professional processing and package. We continuously invest in R&D in order to satisfy the increasing demand from our customer, that includes efficiency improvement, safety improvement and higher quality-product delivery. Our motivation is the creativity, it encourages us to develop new solution and benefit our customers. In 2019, we conduct the research and develop the compostable biodegradable coffee valve, which has become the substitute for traditional plastic. This innovative product, compared with traditional valve, is meeting both needs on environmental-friendly and development in the modern society. We are committed to refining innovation consciousness into products that can be commercialized and reach market maturity.

For us, the constant demand for quality from our customers means a need on continuous improvement of technology to provide more reliable and efficient solutions, which drives us to think forward and pursue this goal every day. The technology we developed is easy to maintain, flexible to operate, in line with the international standard, and it achieves compliance while improves operator safety. We adopted a combining technology with hot pressing and pneumatic for achieving efficient and safe manufacture in our semi-automatic valve applicator VM-01, VM-02 and automatic VM-04. These machines are equipped with a switch on foot pressure valve for easy operation, and they are all designed specially for coffee distributor. In addition, the automatic machine series contain humanized function on feeding and pressing valve automatically. It not only improves the production capacity and shorten delivery date for the factory, but also protect the safety of operator, to let them focus more on production process.