Quality Control

Food safety is an issue that people are concerned about as "Food is the heaven for the people, and food safety is the first". In particular, food-related companies need to establish a safety management system, which is exactly what WOJIN do. To taking the implementation of this standard as an opportunity, WOJIN has been integrated into the entire safe food chain system.

After years of improvement, WOJIN successfully passed the ISO22000:2018 food safety management system certification in August 2021, it make us take a new step in production management, laying a solid foundation for future market expansion.

What is the significance of the ISO22000 certificate? The ISO22000 system applies to all organizations in the entire food supply chain, including feed processing, primary product processing, food manufacturing, transportation and storage, as well as retailers and the catering industry. It is one authoritative certification in food safety management.

WOJIN's quality control is guided by ISO22000:2018 to carry out the most stringent monitoring during the production process, which has greatly improved the competitiveness of its value and also guaranteed the food safety of consumers.

Food safety not only directly threatens consumers, but also directly or indirectly affects the goodwill of food production, transportation and sales organizations or companies. Therefore, the implementation of the ISO22000 certification standard is important and far-reaching significance.

WOJIN Plastic Products Factory has been specialized in R&D and production of one-way degassing valve for 9 years in China. With high output and high stable quality as the basic guarantee, the plant environment and equipment are continuously upgraded. In the same year, we have qualified the nation license of QS. And currently, we are approving BRC in progress. As a food contact product, WOJIN will do to make customers recognition when using one-way degassing valves, and work together to develop the global packaging material market.