How do you store coffee long term

25 Jul 2020

People are getting older year by year, so are the coffee beans. Good coffee beans shouldn’t be left for a long time. As the time goes by, the flavor easily passes away. So, what should we do to maintain the aroma of coffee beans?

If it is unopened coffee beans, it is suitable to store in a cool and well-ventilated environment, while the temperature should be kept between 18°C and 22°C. Try not to put it below 54% humidity, otherwise it will be too dry and affect the taste of coffee. That is, its storage environment requirements are similar to red wine. When making coffee, we should try to grind the coffee when needed, which is to ensure the quality of each cup of coffee. So, how do we preserve coffee beans if they have been opened? We need to keep those coffee beans in a sealed bags or cans. Remember to avoid the humid environment since the coffee beans are afraid of being moisture, which will cause a lack of oil and fat of the coffee beans, and a deterioration of flavor.

The Wojin valve recommends that you should pay attention to the following points when storing coffee at room temperature: 1. Avoid light 2. Avoid heat sources (such as kitchens contains high oil fumes and high temperatures) 3. Avoid humidity 4. Avoid odor 5 . Whether unopened or opened coffee beans, you need to install a one-way degassing valve(coffee valve) on the package. These five points are the most important elements for long-term storage of coffee. I believe that everyone understands the first four points, however, some of you may be confused for the fifth point. Why do we have to use a bag with a one-way degassing valve?

Advantages of one-way degassing valve installed on coffee plastic packaging bag

Freshly roasted coffee beans will continuously release carbon dioxide. If we place them in a sealed package, the carbon dioxide trapped in the coffee bag will affect the quality and taste of the coffee. Therefore, a degassing valve is usually installed to exhaust the released gas to ensure the quality and taste of coffee. Let`s get this simply, the one-way degassing valve is to discharge internal air while preventing the external air. The one-way degassing valve exhausts the carbon dioxide in the bag in time, and then the outside oxygen will not be allowed to enter the bag.

1. It is more conducive to maintaining the freshness of coffee beans. The fresher the coffee beans, the stronger the aroma. Even if the coffee beans are good, the coffee aroma will quickly dissipate without the use of one-way degassing valve. At the same time, it avoids the swell of bags caused by carbon dioxide.

2. To improve stacking stability. Because the one-way degassing valve is installed on the plastic packaging bag, the residual air in the lower packaging bag is discharged from the one-way degassing valve under the gravity of the goods in the upper packaging bag during the stacking of the packaging bags filled with goods. Therefore, stacking stability and stacking height can be increased.

3. To improve the impact resistance of plastic packaging bags. When the bag full of goods is transported or dropped from high places, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way degassing valve, thereby reducing the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag and reducing or avoiding the bag rupture.

4. The one-way degassing valve can prevent the external air from entering the bag, thus, to prevent the beans in the package from being oxidized, contaminated and spoiled. It is especially used for soft packaging that requires unidirectional degassing, such as packaging bags and storage bags.

How do you store coffee long term

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Originally published 25 Jul 2020, updated 25 Jul 2020.


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