Coffee Valve

The coffee valve (one way degassing valve) permits the CO² out meanwhile prevents the air to get back into the packaging to keep freshness. And it can be prevented from the break up caused by inside air during the shipping or storing.

When coffee is roasted, it releases carbon dioxide itself. Different roasting degrees such as light, medium, and depth also have different amounts and times for the release of gas produced by coffee. In order to meet the needs of coffee can be quickly transported around the world, the coffee one-way degassing valve was born. As long as a one way degassing valve is installed on the packaging bag or can, the bag or can will not expand the bag and prevent air from entering the coffee package to achieve the aroma and freshness of coffee. Therefore, the one way degassing valve is also called: aroma valve, one way coffee valve, degassing valve coffee, freshness valve, coffee valve, one way air valve, one way exhaust valve & etc..
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