Company Profile

Wojin Plastic Product Factory

Wojin Plastic Product Factory was established in 2012, is a professional R&D, production, sales of one way degassing valve, semi-automatic valve applicator and printed packaging manufacturers. It also the only one enterprise with its own brand WOJIN®.

WOJIN one way valve is mainly used in food packaging, such as coffee bags, fermented feed bags and so on. Therefore, our company's one way exhaust valve is 100% of raw materials imported from Europe and the United States. And meet the GB9687-1988< food packaging materials hygiene standards > and ROHS standards of the EU, and strictly in accordance with the requirements of the United States FDA food packaging production. In China, WOJIN is the only company that uses high standards of materials and production requirements. No matter which country you sell your products we can meet the needs of your customers.

At present, WOJIN is the only one to introduce fully automated production equipment from Japan to process the filter to the valve. This is good news for large automatic packaging production line. Do not need to worry about the size of the degassing valve is not the same, whether it will be installed variant, burr and product defects. You can rest assured purchase because of the finished product out from the full automatic production equipment.

Our objective is to create first-class brand, committing to become China's one-way degassing valve industry leader, the global gold supplier.

In order to help customers to install the valve, our company R&D, production and sales of 2 types of semi-automatic valve machine and 1 type of automatic pressing valve device. We have countless details change on the device. For example, how to make the product in the violence of the logistics process is not easy to be damaged, how to meet the requirements of food manufacturers for food packaging equipment, how to meet the requirements of PE bag to achieve accurate temperature, how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the bag after pressing valve, how to produce a durable, low cost and a processing equipment.

We strictly control the product quality, each product before finished, have been a lot of experiments. Delivery on time and continuously improved the level of service, whether it is product or service are higher than the peer manufacturers.

Our company continues to innovate in the product, so that WOJIN into a strong industry competitiveness. WOJIN is your reliable long-term partner!