Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator VM-04

VM-04 is a semi-automatic hot press valve machine for sealing the one way degassing valve on the bags. It can be used for many types of thick bags. This machine is mainly designed for large coffee roaster, coffee distributor and large food packaging plant. It can automatically feed and sealing the valve, which gives high safety and allow the production line uninterrupted for faster delivery speed.

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Product Name

Semi-automatic Valve Applicator




Wojin Plastic Product Factory


7075# aluminum plate



Application Range

Applicable to 12-25C composite soft packing bags, such as pure aluminum composite packing bags, aluminized composite packing bags, paper-plastic composite packing bags.

EXW Price

$ 3500/SET

Installing Speed

1200 to 1500 PCS/Hour

Max Distance Valve

140mm (Measured from top of pouch)

Minimum Bag Size

38mm wide with 50mm side gusset

Power Requirement

220-250V ~ 50/60Hz

Min Air Compressor (Required by customer)


Overall Dimension

310mm(W) x 320mm(D) x 290mm(H) (Valve feeder)

580mm(W) x 1050mm(D) x 985mm(H) (Machine body)

Gross Weight

30kg (Valve feeder)

82kg(Machine body)


1. Stable digital temperature control adjustment.

2. Accurate time meter adjustment.

3. Stable and accurate digital display counter.

4. Sealing valve can be converted between manual and automatic mode.

5. Valve delivery time adjustment.

6. Sealing valve position adjustment function marked with size scale.

7. Feeding vibration speed adjustment.

Two operation options

1. Automatically send the valve but manually put the bag, it will automatically sealing the valve through infrared sensing.

2. Automatically send the valve but manually put the bag, control by the foot switch.


One-year guarantee


1. MEAS - 400mm(W) x 400mm(D) x 600mm(H)(Valve feeder)
- 580mm(W) x 640mm(D) x 600mm(H)(Machine body)

2. Packing - Wooden box


"With infrared automatic pressure valve function. After service is very good."

---Sanja Brajković---

"It's easy for us to know how to use it, automatic valve delivery."

---Daryn Fisher---

Semi-automatic Valve Applicator