Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator VM-04

Product Name: Semi-automatic Valve Applicator

Model: VM-04

Brand: WOJIN

Manufacturer: Wojin Plastic Product Factory

Material: 7075# aluminum plate

Color: silver

Weight: 113kg

Price: $ 3200


Product Description

VM-04 is a semi-automatic valve applicator is used the technology of heat sealing and air-powered, it is a made-to-measure valve applicator that handily seals one-way degassing valve and punches holes on bags.

Easy to operate, the machine delivers one-way degassing valve automatically to the base. You put the bag on the manchine at the right side, and seal the valve automatically or by foot switch. Safety consideration in design of the machine, it avoids operator hurting themselves by touch the die head. VM-04 not only makes operator feel relaxed when working, but also improved efficiency over 100% for company.


Semi-Automatic Valve Applicator One year warranty against defective parts and workmanship.

Features of materials

1. VM-04 is made by import 7075# aluminum plate from abroad, which prevents the machine from being rusty, 100% up to the standard of food packing equipment.

2. With high strength work structure, it meets the requirement for the customers who have special need of thickness and perfect appearance of sealed bags.

3. A valve feeder is totally up to the standard of food packing parts.

Main structure

1. A stable tempreture controller.

2. Accurate electric timer.

3. A stable bag counter.

4. Smi-automatic operated or automatic sealing by the control of infrared ray.

5. Eays Adjusted Time of delivering one-way degassing valve

6. A graduation is marked on the base to adjust the sealing position.

7. Ajust the speed that valves are delivered from the feeder.

Available bags: composite soft packing bag with the thickness of 12C to 25C, such as pure aluminum composite soft packing bag, aluminum composite packing bag, paper-plastic laminating packing bag, PE multi layer compound film, coffee bag, coffee packaging etc.


MEAS: 31cm(L)x32cm(Diameter)x29cm(H) (valve feeder)

Overall machine dimension: 58cm(L)x105cm(W)x98.5cm(H)

Speed: 720-980 strokes/hour

Power requirement: 220V, 60HZ

Output power of heating zone: 100W(Changeable according to special requirement)

Minimum size of bag: 38mm wide with 50mm side gusset

Max distance from valve to top of pouch: 140mm

Quantity of punched holes: 3 holes in general(can be customized to 2-6 holes according to different requirements)


Pack by: wooden box

Specification of wooden box: 58cm*64cm*60cm (Machine Body); 40cm X 40cm X 36cm (Feeder)

Net weight: 20kg(Valve feeder); 60kg(Machine body)

Gross weight: 30kg(Valve feeder); 82kg(Machine body)

Air Compressor (auxiliary equipment need)

Air Compressor Type: up to 0.3Mpa

Auxiliary equipment: Air compressor of 0.8mpa with a one cube gas storage tank(the larger, the better)



"With infrared automatic pressure valve function.Good communication service."

---Sanja Brajković---

"Automatic valve delivery, high safety performance."

---Daryn Fisher---

Semi-automatic Valve Applicator