Are Coffee Bag Valves Important

12 May 2020

We often hear the question: "If you are on an island, you can only take three items, what would you take?" It may take me a minute to think of the other two items, but there is one item which can be said without hesitation, that is: coffee! Yes, regarding coffee, we are no longer pursue the satisfaction on the taste simply, yet, the coffee brings the spiritual enjoyment. Drinking coffee will wake up our body, and the smell of coffee will wake up our soul.

When thinking of coffee, many people will pay attention to three aspects: brewing taste, aroma and appearance. Tasting fresh coffee is what coffee lovers want in their lifetime, so "freshness" is very important. Well, have you ever thought about how to keep the coffee fresh from the start till the end? In order to provide fresh coffee to people, some coffee suppliers will not only purchase the best coffee beans, but they will also start with the design of the packaging. They will choose coffee bags with coffee valve What is the reason? Wojin valve will tell you that one-way degassing valve is the key to keep your coffee fresh.

What is a one-way degassing valve?

The one-way degassing valve and coffee bag can be said to be a perfect pair. The one-way degassing valve is a packaging accessory on the coffee bag, which is generally used on coffee bags and fermented feed bags. After roasting, coffee will produce a lot of carbon dioxide. These gases accumulate in the bag for a long time and affect the acidity, aroma and taste of the coffee. In the end, the bag will be busted because of too much gases. Therefore, the function of one-way degassing valve is to exhaust the large amount of gas discharged from the coffee beans in the bag in time, and prevent the external air from entering into the bag at the same time. This process is to allow the coffee to complete the one-way "degassing" work, which is the key to the freshness of the product.

Why the degassing valve on the coffee bag is so important?

One-way degassing valves are essential to ensure the freshest coffee is provided to consumers. They are barriers to prevent oxygen, dust and dirty air from entering the bag. Without the one-way degassing valve, an oxidation process will begin when the coffee beans are exposed to oxygen. Just as the oxidation process on peeled bananas or sliced ​​apples, so do your coffee beans. This is the main factor that makes the coffee out of preservation date and shorten the shelf life. The ground coffee is more susceptible to this effect than whole beans. This will cause the taste of the coffee to be very poor, and even not much bubbles when brewed, which greatly lower consumers` coffee experience.

We want to applaud for these tiny degassing valves and thank them for keeping our coffee fresh and delicious. Wojin's high-quality coffee one-way degassing valve can accomplish the degassing work excellently, and make our coffee packaging more flexible and always provide consumers with pleasant and positive experiences.

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Originally published 12 May 2020, updated 12 May 2020.


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