Are One-Way Valves Right for Your Coffee Packaging Process

18 May 2020

Many people buy their favorite coffee beans for packaging and storage at home, and they usually have a question: how to choose the right coffee packaging to keep our coffee fresh. The freshness of coffee beans or coffee powder is the key to brew a cup of good quality coffee. A small coffee bean, from picking, processing, roasting, grinding, brewing, and even preservation, every link needs extra attention, whether you are a new fan or a professional coffee lover who has been working on it for a long time, you are probably understand the effect of coffee freshness on taste. What we can make sure is that freshness is the symbol of coffee, which is one of the main factors that attract many people discussing coffee.

Coffee planting and processing.

How do you measure the freshness of unroasted or raw coffee? The way that coffee is picked, processed, dried, stored and transported has a huge impact on the lifespan of the coffee, because the taste of coffee gradually declines over time. For example, we found in the café that the most important thing for maintaining coffee stability over time is to keep its moisture content between 9.5–10.5%. This will work along with other factors to help the unroasted coffee to remain stable from excessive moisture, such as mold or physical degradation. Ideally, it is best to roast the coffee as soon as it arrives from the place of origin. The roasted coffee is not only aromatic, but also conducive to preservation.

Coffee preservation

So, how should coffee be preserved after roasting? Preservation is the most important process to maintain coffee freshness. Coffee should be consumed within two to four weeks after roasting, and that will allow you to taste the best flavor of the coffee. But many people do not finish all of the coffee in a short period of time. What should we do if we cannot finish the coffee? Another factor to consider here is how long the coffee should be "rested" before grinding and brewing, just like you need to decanting when you open a bottle of quality red wine. The reason why coffee "have some rest" before brewing is because roasted coffee will continuously release carbon dioxide. When you put roasted coffee beans into a coffee bag, the gas released by the coffee beans will make the coffee bag swell, which may eventually break the coffee packaging bag. It is worth noting that carbon dioxide will seriously affect the taste and aroma of coffee, resulting in oxidative deterioration. In this case, how do we preserve the coffee? The best advice given by Wojin Valve is to use a bag with a coffee one way degassing valve. Why should we emphasize the use of a "one way degassing valve"? That is because the function of the one-way degassing valve is to exhaust the carbon dioxide released by the coffee in the bag, while stop external oxygen from entering into the sealed bag. The installation of the one-way degassing valve requires the hot pressed machine to press it onto the bag. In this way, the exhaust valve can help us preserve our favorite coffee beans for a longer time while keep the coffee fresh and delicious. What if I use an iron can to preserve the coffee? Don’t worry! Wojin provided a patch-type one-way degassing valve. You only need to poke a small hole on the can and stick the valve on the surface. Finally, in either case, coffee should be stored in a cool, dry place, and you need to keep it away from the direct sunlight.

Are One-Way Valves Right for Your Coffee Packaging Process

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Originally published 18 May 2020, updated 18 May 2020.


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