Coffee degassing valves talk about coffee customs around the world

Coffee degassing valves talk about coffee customs around the world

The coffee custom in the Middle East is reflected in the basic way of drinking. Coffee beans are baked to dark and then ground to very fine powder, boiled several times and added sugar. Make coffee that is bitter and sweet, people will sip it in an elegant and courteous manner.

Coffee customs in southern Europe and Latin America are used to having a cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon and evening, that they prefer coffee roasted to half bitter and half sweet with a burnt taste. In the morning ,they like mix the coffee and hot milk in a bowl or large cup. Hold a bowl or cup in your hands, warm your palm with the heat of coffee, or feel the aroma of coffee with your nostrils. In the afternoon and the evening, the Southern Europeans prefer to use small cups to taste black, strong and bitter sweet coffee.

American coffee in order to reduces the cost and meet the needs at any time, usually cooked whole pot of coffee on the warming plate insulation, so the cook coffee very light. Typical North American coffee lovers have used coffee as a daily drink, drinking coffee all day in the office, and always holding coffee while doing housework.

coffee degassing valve understands that people in the English-speaking countries have the practice of adding milk and sugar to coffee. The reason why they drink coffee is lighter because of the influence of milk and sugar, which overwhelm the concentration and original taste of coffee. This coffee custom began to flourish in North America during the Second World War.

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