coffee valve Arab coffee culture

09 Mar 2016

coffee valve Arab coffee culture

coffee valve would like to tell you that most coffee drinkers would think of many European coffee and American coffee like Starbucks when they drink coffee,while a few people think of the Arab coffee that is the originator of coffee.Arab,the originator of coffee has an ancient coffee culture.

The first cup of coffee is made by Arabian.In many document literature of the European travelers who travel around the world had wrote down that the Arabians like drinking a kind of black beverage made by a special black seed.Factually,in a early time of 3 century,the Arabian knew how to roast coffee and keep its wonderful aroma.The traditional way to make coffee in Arab is hand drip,they usually add the cinnamon or other Arabian spices and brew together.Although its taste has a big difference with the modern Western coffee,but it truly is the originator of the coffee.

When the Europeans first contact the coffee,they called this strange but attractive beverage from Arab as Arab wine.They can never think this strange beverage would be a cherish and popular beverage around the world nowadays.

As the first area that produce and drink coffee,Arabic coffee culture is ancient and age-old like its history.In Arab counties,the Arabians still keep their ancient and age-old culture in the coffee quality,the drinking way,the drinking environment and emotion appeal when they drink coffee.

In Arabian countries,the people who is invited to a Arabians’ home to have coffee should express his most sincere appreciate and respond to the hosts because the hosts express their most sincere respect to the guest if they invite he to have coffee at their homes.The guest should be polite when having coffee in the host’s home,the guest should appreciate the wonderful taste of the coffee.Besides,the guest can not drink water though their mouth is full of coffee ground because that means they aren’t satisfied with the coffee,and that would hurt the host’s self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Arabian is very serious when they drink coffee,they are cultured in the custom and procedure when having coffee.They have a traditional form of having coffee just like the tea ceremony in China and Japan.Before having coffee,Arabians would burn the incense first,and put the spice in the place where they have coffee.Then the hosts would appreciate the coffee with the guests,they would carefully research the coffee from the color,aroma and any aspect of the coffee.After the enjoyable appreciate of the coffee,they would bring out the cherish and beautiful tools and start to making the wonderful coffee.

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Originally published 09 Mar 2016, updated 09 Mar 2016.


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