coffee valve Vienna coffee culture

coffee valve Vienna coffee culture

coffee valve to tell you taht the capital of music,Vienna is a very magical and artistic city,it is the representative of art due to it breeds the most beautiful music and waltz.So it is the heaven that many musicians dream to visit.

There is a kind of culture in Vienna,not only the most famous music,but also the coffee.Coffee culture is an important part of Vienna culture.The Vienna coffee shop culture is one of the largest coffee shop culture in Europe and was listed as the world intangible culture heritage in 2011.

Viennese is proud of coffee just like music.Coffee is mentioned in the same breath with music and waltz,they are the three national treasures of Vienna,this high position can prove Viennese have a deep feeling with coffee.Some people have ever said that the there is a coffee shop every five steps.Maybe that is exaggerated,but it is true that there are lots of coffee shop in Vienna.In Vienna,coffee shop is one of the most widespread shops,and some even open early in 6am and close until 2am before dawn.So,there is a saying that the air in the capital of music not only full of the rhythm of music,but also the aroma of coffee.

The history of Viennese drink coffee can be dated back to the 17th century.Before that time,there were many coffee shops in the cities of Islam countries,coffee had become a part of people life.However,people did not know what is coffee in Europe.In 1683,when Turkey attacked Vienna,Vienna defeated Turkey and won the war.Turkey retreated and left lots of weapon,ammunition and some strange brown bean.The Viennese did not know how to deal with these brown bean.A Poland soldier who had ever drunk a kind of black beverage that Turkish called it Kahve made by this brown bean.This soldier got these bean and opened the first coffee shop in Vienna.At the beginning,the coffee shop did not have good business because Vienna people was prefer to drink tea.Later,the Poland soldier made a change,he added milk to the coffee that was very popular,Viennese called it Melange.Until now,this coffee is the most popular beverage in Vienna although there are various of coffee.

Due to there are various of coffee,so the drinker should not order coffee simply like”a coffee,please.”That would make the waiters very embarrassing.

What is the most special thing of coffee shop in Vienna is the culture.Before the coffee is accepted widely,many coffee shops in Vienna freely offer various of newspaper for drinkers.The newspaper was so expensive that many people couldn’t pay for it.Therefor,many people would order a cup of coffee and read the newspaper to know the news in the coffee shop.Especially in the late 19th century and the early 20th century,the coffee shop is the gathering place of the artists,ideologist and intellectual.They searched inspiration and worked there.

The cafe central,is the most famous coffee shop in Vienna.In the late 19th century,the cafe central is an important gathering place of intellectual,it is the cradle of Austria poem,drama and novel.Many great man like Mozart,Beethoven,Schubert,and so on are the frequent customers of cafe central.

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