coffee valve and coffee packaging

13 Oct 2015

I don’t remember when I fall in love with coffee,I like making a cup of coffee in my spare time.Sometime I am not really want to drink coffee,but smell the thick coffee aroma,or just because I am infatuated with the intoxicating coffee flavor.Anyway ,that is a wonderful feeling stay with a cup of coffee.

It’s clear to me that the aroma and flavor give coffee this magical power.But there is a query in my heart,what are the factors bring coffee such wonderful aroma and taste.I’ve read many books and looked up many materials in order to get the answer.The key points are the coffee itself and the coffee maker.

One day I went to the shop and wanted to buy some coffee bean,I found there is a plastic product looks like a fastener on the coffee bag .I was curious about it and asked the boss.He told me that is coffee valve,it’s function is help venting the pressure in the bag and keeping coffee fresh.It’s incredible that a small coffee valve can fresh coffee.I was doubtful and bought a bag of coffee bean packaged with coffee valve and one without.

At first,both these two bags of coffee were good,I always pick one of them optionally and make coffee.But after a period of time,I began to prefer the one with coffee valve.When I used the other again,I found it can no longer bring me that wonderful felling.After that I began to notice coffee valve and the field of coffee packaging.It’s really amazing that a small coffee valve is a good helper of delicious coffee and can bring people such beautiful coffee mood.

Although the coffee valve is small,it has such a big effect.To some degree,the quality of coffee packaging depends on the coffee valve.Coffee valve is specially designed to fresh roasted coffee.It can help venting the Carbon Dioxide inside released from coffee while prevent Oxygen enter the bag to lead oxidation.Thus the coffee can keeps it’s aroma and flavor for a longer time.Coffee valve is to coffee packaging what fastener is to cloth,plays a key role and it is an indispensable partner to coffee packaging.

Different coffee valves have different quality.It’ more terrible than do not use coffee valve if you use low quality coffee valve to package the coffee,because coffee would go to stale faster if the air enter the bag.So if you take coffee quality seriously,you must pay more attention to the quality of coffee valve.WOJIN,is an expert in manufacturing coffee valve and we just make high quality coffee valve.It’s no doubt that WOJIN coffee valve is your fresh coffee partner.

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Originally published 13 Oct 2015, updated 13 Oct 2015.


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This is a hole punched before installing the degassing valve, which purpose is to discharge the CO2 released and avoid the oxidation of coffee.

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