coffee valve applicators requirement from USA market

12 Mar 2015

In the past experience for touching my USA client purchase coffee valve and valve applicator, I realize some demand for coffee valve applicator from my client:

1. They use coffee valve applicator for our one way degassing valve in 110V voltage. So we cooperated to add a transformer. It also equip spare part plug . Insert machine plug into the transformer ,then transformer plug to be inserted into 110V voltage. Transformer is suitable for the 110V voltage, cannot be used for 220V voltage, otherwise it will burn out.

2. Working table design. It is necessary that use one completely 304 stainess steel table, no edge desktop design ,guarantee none coffee ground stop in the space. All material is also use 304 stainless steel including the table leg and screw.

Because coffee beans as food drink by people are packed by coffee bag sealed our coffee valve. We need to make sure our valve applicator can accord with hygiene standard.

3. The air inlet tube connected air compressor from USA is not suitable for our machine air inlet connector , because the tube diameter is different from Chinese. So we add spare part to fit this situation.

Demand from our USA client

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Originally published 12 Mar 2015, updated 12 Mar 2015.


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