Coffee Valve Cappuccino Latte Confusion

Coffee Valve Cappuccino Latte Confusion

coffee valve would like to tell you that Cappuccino and latte are two kinds of widely known coffee, they all belong to the coffee blended with hot milk and foam. They all have the same elements but not lots of people can distinguish the differences of them. In fact, cappuccino and latte vary from each other.

1. Different appearances

Cappuccino and latte are different from appearances, the foam of cappuccino is above to the mouth of cup a little, it looks quite smooth. And the foam will not pour down even though you shake the coffee cup. However, the foam of latte is much thinner, and as high as the mouth of cup.

2. Different kind of cups

Generally, capuccino is used a short and wide ceramic cup while latte is used a high glass bottle. Due to same volume of espresso these two kinds of coffee are used, different volume of milk and foam decide that they need to be used different sizes of cups.

3. Different ratios

Cappuccino and latte all have the same ingredients, consisted of foam, hot milk and espresso. Otherwise, their main difference is the amount of foam and milk. The ratio of espresso, hot milk and foam of cappuccino is 1:1:1, while the ratio of espresso, hot milk and foam of latte is 1:2:1.

4. Different flavors

Despite of the same ingredients, different ratios make coffee different flavors. So we know now, latte has more apparent milk taste than cappuccino.

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