coffee valve coffee and life

23 Oct 2015

coffee valve coffee and life

When talking about coffee and life,many people think that coffee is a part of life,that’s true because they drink coffee every day.Coffee plays an important role in their life and makes their life more colorful and enjoyable.In my view,not only is coffee a part of life,but also is a epitome of life.I think life is like a cup of coffee.

Life is composed of sour,sweet,bitter and hot,and finally only sweet left.It was the first time I met and tasted coffee,one of my friends asked my feeling about that espresso I drank.”It’s bitter,but sweet and very fragrant,just like life.”I said.Yes,I think it couldn’t be better that coffee used to be compare to life.

Life is composed of many different taste,so does coffee.The taste of coffee depends on what you added,and the taste of life depends on what you did.When you drink coffee,you may add some sugar or milk into the coffee.Our life also need to be interspersed with some things,no matter what,pain,suffering or happiness and so on,all of these is a decoration of our life.

Comparing to other coffee,I prefer espresso.It’s bitter enough,maybe that’s why I like it most. I think the bitterer the coffee is,the sweeter when I aftertaste.Only is it bitter enough,it can bring me a feeling of real life.Many milk coffee,such as cappuccino and latte,though they have bitter and sweet taste,it can’t bring me such a strong felling of life like espresso. Once my colleague made espresso in the office,maybe some steps were wrong,the coffee was very bitter.They couldn’t stand and added boil water into the coffee,but I didn’t,I felt good and enjoyed it.

I like drinking coffee,I drink it not for pursuing the so-called fashion,romantic and emotional appeal,but enjoy and think about life.What coffee bring me is not only wonderful taste and aroma,but also the felling of my life.Coffee just like my life,it’s a feeling of sweet after experiencing many vicissitudes.The bitter of coffee is the process,the sweet is the ending,so dose my life.

Life can’t be predicted,just like the taste of a cup of coffee need to be tasted,then we can know clearly.No matter how sweet and bitter it is,there must be sweet and happiness when you aftertaste finally.

Life just like a cup of coffee,but it must be a cup of good coffee,only can good coffee bring me a real feeling of life.I love my life,and love coffee,and I must pay attention to the quality of valve can help a lot in keeping coffee fresh,coffee lovers should know and use it to coffee packaging to keep high quality of coffee.WOJIN coffee vale,is your best choice.

coffee valve coffee and life

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Originally published 23 Oct 2015, updated 23 Oct 2015.


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