There is a breathtaking scene in "Out of Africa": in the remote Kenyan coffee manor, the beans with light green color are slowly flowing in the sink for wash processing, the bright red marched fruits are piled up inside the manor, which is glittering…… coffee valve knows the beans flowing in the sink are coffee beans; the bright red marched are coffee cherries.

How much do you know about coffee beans? We always drink coffee, but seldom do we see coffee beans, even the real coffee beans. Then do you want to know the structure of coffee cherry when you drink coffee?

Coffee cherry is green at the beginning, it gradually turns yellow to red later. Because coffee fruit will become red like a cherry after being mature, people call it coffee cherry.

Like other fruit, coffee cherry owns the similar structure with outer skin, pectin layer, inner skin, silver skin, endosperm, hypocotyl, radicle.

Picking coffee cherries is a tough job, the best coffee beans are all picked by hand. After being washed, coffee beans are roasted into different levels and sold to the market. In conclusion, making a cup of tasty coffee is really a dainty thing. Because of that, we are all attracted by the strong aroma when we are passing by a coffee shop, and can't help walking into it.

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