coffee valve coffee cup environment issue

28 Jan 2016

coffee valve coffee cup environment issue

During the Christmas,I asked a cup of Mocha in Starbucks and took it away for an interesting movie in the cinema.The beautiful Christmas coffee cup costed me 3 yuan RMB,when the movie was over,I threw it into the rubbish can.I suddenly felt there were something wrong,not just because I spent 3 yuan to by the coffee cup rather than I though of if the coffee cup would cause any environment issue.When I was back home,I got the answer from the internet and many friends that the takeaway coffee up would polluted the environment due to it can’t be recycle.From that time,I no longer buy takeaway coffee.

We all know that a cup of coffee has already become the main role of street snap and one of the most popular thing on camera.Whoever you are,a white collar or a fashion person,only you hand a cup coffee,you will be very fashion.When we on the way for work,or hang out with our friends,we can always see the pedestrians on the way hold a cup of coffee with takeaway coffee cup in their hands,they look cool.But have you though of the environment issue when the coffee meet the fashion?Today,I would like to talk environment issue with you from the angle of a cup of takeaway coffee.

Don’t take it for granted that the one time paper cup can be recycle because it is paper cup,it’s not the truth.There is a layer of polyethylene painted on the wall of the paper cup,the polyethylene is hard to be isolated so that the paper mill can not recover it and recycle.And the polyethylene is very thick,is only about 5% of the weight of the cup,so the plastic manufacture aren’t also willing to recover the on time paper cup.Therefor,the one time paper cup has only one destiny that is thrown away as the rubbish and the burnt because it’s hard to recycle.

Let’s suppose that each person by five cup of takeaway coffee every week,he can make 14 kilogram rubbish in one year.However,if customers use their own coffee cup or takeaway coffee cup that can be recycle,the carbon emission would reduce by a half.You may know this situation,there are 10 billion one time paper cup are sold average annual,you can image how serious damage would that has for the environment.

A lot of resources wasted and the huge carbon emission would lead to the global environment to be damaged more quickly.Do not think that just is a panic that is not existed,actually it’s not far away from us if we don’t take any action to prevent the takeaway coffee cup.

Nowadays,some people who have strong environmental awareness have come up with some solution to deal with this potential environment issue.For example,the KFC pushed out a kind of creative coffee cup that can be eaten.Beside,some people suggested the customers bring coffee cup by themselves when they want to enjoy coffee outside and take their coffee away.In addition to these,some people think the coffee shop should offer the takeaway coffee cup that can be used for many times for customers,I think that’s really a good way.With the increasing demand of takeaway coffee,offer the takeaway coffee cup to the customers is a necessary choice.

coffee valve thinks everyone should has environmental awareness and has responsibility to protect the environment.Environmental protection,starts with me.As a coffee lover,we should refuse to use takeaway coffee cup.

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Originally published 28 Jan 2016, updated 28 Jan 2016.


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