coffee valve coffee extensive use

24 Jan 2016

coffee valve coffee extensive use

When I was a child,my mother would give me a candy once I was crying,then I laughed and happy again.I didn’t know what kind of candy it was,it’s really delicious.I really liked it because of it’s strong aroma,it smelled good.My mother told me that’s coffee candy,the pleasant smell is coffee aroma.I think I started to love coffee aroma from that time,then I like buying many food that have coffee flavored.In fact,I have already contact coffee since I was a child.Are you have the same situation with me?Maybe you have never drink coffee,but you have contact coffee indirectly from the food contains coffee.

Due to coffee contains many organic components such as starch,lipid,protein,saccharides,caffeine,aromatic substance and nature toxicide and so on,coffee is not only as a beverage,but also widely used in food industry.For example,coffee candy,coffee ice cream,coffee jelly and many other food contain coffee.

In addiction to food industry,coffee also is used in medical field because it contains rich caffeine.The caffeine can be used to make anesthetic,cordial and cardiotonic.Recent years,New York Blood Center got an extractive called nickase from the coffee bean,the nickase can alter the B type blood to the O type blood.Coffee makes a big contribution to the medical field.

Besides,coffee has extensive sue in many other filed.For example,coffee pulp can be used to make wine,vinegar,feed even the glue.The coffee flower can be used to make spice,the tannin of coffee and the organic acid form the coffee grounds after fermentation can be used to make tannin material.

In economic filled,coffee make a bigger contribution to motivate the economic gain.The quantity required of coffee in the world is three times of coco,and is four times of tea.So,coffee has an important influence in the economic filed.

coffee valve thinks coffee, is not only a kind of simple beverage in the cup, it has extensive use in many filed.A little coffee bean, a great influence in the world.

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Originally published 24 Jan 2016, updated 24 Jan 2016.


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