coffee valve coffee packaging material

22 Jan 2016

coffee valve coffee packaging material

Coffee,is an more and more popular import good in China.Various of coffee have entered the Chinese market,so it’s hard for customers to choose which kind of coffee to buy.Therefor,many sellers try to do many breakthrough on coffee packaging to attract customers’ eyes.However,in addiction to good appearance,sellers should pay more attention to the material of coffee packaging. coffee valve think there are several principles should be followed when choose the material for coffee packaging.

1.Protection principle

According to the requirement of food packaging protection,packaging designers should choose the high quality material scientifically,then design the appropriate structure and appearance,and use the precise and reliable packaging machine with the advanced packaging technology to meet the purpose of protect the coffee and extend the its shelf life.

2.Safety principle

Due to different food have different chemical component,different food has different requirements to protection to ensure good safety.Coffee is a kind of dry food and it would release lots of CO2,so it is very sensitive to moisture.Therefor,the material of coffee packaging should meet two requirement first at least,one is can protect coffee from the moisture to keep the coffee dry,and the other is chemical stability,the material should be avoided to react chemically with the coffee,so that the coffee can be ensure safety.

3.Environment protection principle

From the perspective of environment protection,the material of coffee packaging should be nontoxic,would not damage the eco-environment and can automatic corrupt then return to the mature.At the same time,the packaging material should be durable and has enough strength so that it can be processed,stored and carried.

coffee valve coffee packaging material

For the requirement of coffee itself,the packaging material should not be chosen casually,the material must be strong and can protect the coffee from the moisture.

Different coffee packaging use different materials.Nowadays,the materials widely used in coffee packaging bag are paper,cellophane,rubber hydrochloride film,polyester,aluminium foil,polyethylene and so on.These material can protect coffee from the O2 that help the coffee avoid to react with the O2,not only are them fit for vacuum packaging,but also suitable for gas packaging.

The metal can and glass can packaging always match with plastic lid,and the lid should be put back to the cans well after open the cans to avoid the coffee connect to the moisture and lose its aroma.Paper,aluminium foil and polyethylene are use in soluble coffee packaging to protect coffee away from the moisture and O2.

With more and more popular trend of coffee,people has higher and higher requirement for coffee packaging.Maybe more and more creative coffee packaging will arise in the market.But,no matter how the appearance changed,the material of coffee packaging should be chosen carefully follow the basic principles.

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Originally published 22 Jan 2016, updated 22 Jan 2016.


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