coffee valve coffee packaging storage

coffee valve coffee packaging storage

The coffee would be crisp after roasting,it would have the similar structure of the nest because of lots of small holes in the coffee.The coffee in this stage would be oxidized more quickly so that loss its aroma.In addition to the oxidation,the coffee would also strongly absorb the odor around like the activated carbon.So,it’s hard for the customers who like drinking the coffee,but they don’t know how t roast the coffee,the basic for them to buy coffee is do not buy too many,use it quickly and store it well.

At present,the aluminum foil bag with one way degassing valve is the most common coffee packaging for roasted coffee.The packaging has many advantages,such as can protect the coffee from the sunlight,vent the inside gas out and the most outstanding advantage is low cost.Besides,there also are some good choices that are glass can with rubber seal ring,ceramic and tin can,and so on.But,the plastic can is not good for coffee storage.

What’s more,there is a kind of expensive cost packaging is pressurized packaging,it has good effect on store coffee.This kind of coffee packaging usually use the aluminum material to make the seal can.In a short time after roasted,the coffee would be store in the vacuum can and full with a certain amount of inert gases to ensure the properly pressure inside.The roasted coffee bean stored in this pressurized packaging contain can be helped keeping the coffee aroma effectively.

I had even seen many wrong ways to store coffee.Once I wanted to drink coffee with my friends. We walked into a coffee shop and ready to order,then we found the their coffee bean is stored in a transparent glass can that exposed under the sunlight.My friend brought me out immediately and chose another coffee shop to have coffee.The reason we change the coffee shop is their unprofessional way to store coffee.We all know that the inappropriate storage way would reduce the coffee quality.

coffee valve knows factually,there are many packaging for roasted coffee,any packaging is designed base on the principle of vent gases,avoid the sunlight,avoid the high temperature and in the seal contain,if ignore any principle,the coffee can not be kept in high quality to meet the requirements of the customers.

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