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03 Oct 2017

Every night is a sleepless night. Stay up all night, the truth I understand, but still be bad this life. If you stay up all night to have, that coffee valve Jun to you for the recipe, so you effectively stay up all night, in the seemingly long but quite limited late night getting hot, let you stay up late more passionate.

This article will answer one by one of the following two questions:

1. Is the coffee really up the night?

2. Why did some people drink coffee without effect?

Does the coffee really stay up at night? Yes! A lot of experimental data show that in the stay up late, lack of sleep, poor quality of sleep, the time difference, or in their own do not be interested in the case of drowsiness, coffee can restore work efficiency, improve the reaction speed, help you focus. The key thing to play these roles in coffee is caffeine. The main mechanism by which caffeine affects sleep is by blocking the function of adenosine receptors, which are important molecules that promote sleep. When adenosine can not pass through the adenosine receptor to reach its role in the nerve cells, we will no longer sleep friends. Caffeine is absorbed very quickly. After drinking coffee for 30-75 minutes, its concentration in the blood reached its peak. 250mg caffeine (equivalent to a large cup of American coffee / Grande Americano) in the human body half-life is 3-7 hours. Therefore, in order to achieve the best in the most necessary time, it is recommended that you work about one hour before working to drink coffee.

Why did some people drink coffee without effect? Because the individual's sensitivity to caffeine is determined by the CYP1A2 gene.

coffee valve coffee refresh oneself one

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Originally published 03 Oct 2017, updated 03 Oct 2017.


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