coffee valve different views coffee culture

09 Nov 2015

coffee valve different views coffee culture

Since I start to drink coffee,I begin paying attention to coffee culture.Recently,I saw a blog in the net,I can’t remember who wrote it,I just remember the content of this blog is about coffee culture.The writer said,coffee itself is a beverage,a delicious beverage.It is irrelevant to culture,it’s a life habit and necessities of life of Americans and Europeans,it’s very normal.

How to say,no matter who wrote this blog,I agree with him,but I also disagree with him.

First of all,coffee itself truly is a nut-brown beverage and it is loved by people especially in the West,it is indispensable in people’s life.If you have been many cities of Europe,you can fell the strong aroma of coffee that full of the airport when you get off the plan.In many shopping malls or center streets,coffee aroma is a composition of air.Coffee is everywhere and is a part of people’s life.

For Chinese,coffee is an imported goods,it is a real beverage in our life.I think many Chinese drink coffee because it can make us energetic,instead of it’s wonderful taste.Maybe people accept many things because we need them for the requirement of physiology at the beginning,and then the requirement change gradually.From this perspective,I agree the writer’s view.When we drink coffee,it truly is a beverage,it can make us energetic.

It maybe superficial if we just consider this aspect.Coffee can exist in the history of human for such a long time and it is relied on people,it is impossible just because it’s taste and function.It seems that coffee has a magical power to attract people to drink.People often drink coffee in the morning when they are reading,in the late at night when they are still working,in every time when they need romantic.Issac can’t work without coffee and Beethoven can’t work without coffee,there are many vivid characters and exciting symphony were made by them.German army drank coffee,Jew drank coffee even Napoleon drank coffee,too.There are so many stories about coffee,that is the culture of coffee,do you think so?

Actually the life habit itself,is a culture,there are different habits between China and The West.Coffee,is a pert of Western people’s life ,that is said coffee is a part of culture,is a symbol of western culture.

So,in a word,coffee is a culture,and coffee valve and the coffee packing is very important to this valve thinks to some extent,coffee valve and coffee packaging also is a culture.

coffee valve different views coffee culture
coffee valve different views coffee culture

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Originally published 09 Nov 2015, updated 09 Nov 2015.


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