coffee valve drink coffee manners

coffee valve drink coffee manners

Actually if you are not in the special occasion, you can drinking coffee unrestrictedly. However, drinking coffee has already been one of habbits in life, and they gradually form some etiquettes from the unwritten customs in public occasions. The etiquettes of drinking coffee are like a kind of politeness and courteous attitude. Let's learn something about the historic etiquettes of drinking coffee for avoiding being awkward:

1. When serving the coffee to the guest, prepare the spoon and sugar or milk. The spoon must be placed at the side close to the guest, the handle should be direct to the right side of the guest.

2. If the you need to add some sugar, sugar should be sprinkled from the center of the coffee instead of being sprinkled everywhere. After adding sugar, you should avoid the inner wall of the coffee cup to touch the spoon and create some noise. Another point you need to notice is, you should put the spoon back to side close to the guest, never leave the spoon in the cup.

3. When take the cup to drink coffee, coffee valve telling you need to use thumb and forefinger and never let your fingers pass through the ear of the cup.

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