coffee valve dry processing method

coffee valve would like to tell you that dry processing method is the oldest and the most traditional way to process the coffee. It’s a natural dry method that spread the coffee on the ground outdoor to be dried under the sunlight.

The following are the steps using dry processing method to process the coffee.

Step 1.Choose the coffee cheery

Put the freshly picked coffee cherries into the washing channel,the ripe cherries would sink into the bottom of the channel while the unripe, overripe and damaged cherries would float on the surface of the water.Thus,the ripe coffee cherries can be separated.

Step 2.Drying

The coffee cherries are spread out in the sun,stirred appropriate to ensure it is dried evenly and prevent from mildew at the same time.At night,the coffee cherries should be cover with a plastic filter to prevent from absorbing the moisture and getting wet.The drying time depends on the maturity of the coffee cherries and weather.Ripe enough coffee cherries need only several days while the unripe coffee cherries needs about 2 weeks even more time to be dried well.In addition to the maturity of coffee cherries,the weather has the greatest effect on the coffee drying.Coffee drying has very strict requirement to the weather condition.Sunny days is good for the coffee quality.If meet cloudy even rainy day,the coffee drying would face lots of trouble.Finally,only about 12% of water content is left in the coffee cherries.

Step 3.Shelling

After dried in the sun,the shell and the peel is hard and fragile,it can be removed with special selling machine.

Step4.Selection and classification

The coffee cherries removed the the shell and peel should be in a further selection and classification.The bad cherries should be screen out with the machine and then picked out carefully again by hand.

Step 5.Polishing

Polishing is remove the silver skin of coffee bean.After polishing,the coffee processing procedure is finished.

This is the dry processing method,the way that is the cheapest,simplest and the most traditional coffee processing way.It requires less machine,less procedure and lower cost.But its effect is largely depends on the weather and requires a long period of time,so the producers in many countries have improved the processing method and widely use wet processing procedure.Generally,the coffee processed by wet method has more obviously acidity and same flavor.However,the acidity of the coffee processed by dry method has lower acidity and changeable flavor.In addition to the flavor,another disadvantage of dry processed coffee is that it’s easy to mix with many bag beans and other impurities.

Nowadays,the dry method is still used widely in Brazil,Ethiopia and some other traditional coffee produced countries.Except the situation that they are the traditional coffee producers,they lack of enough water resource to use wet method.Besides,some countries like Brazil has large area of flat ground,that’s suit to produce coffee with dry processing method.

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Originally published 25 Feb 2016, updated 25 Feb 2016.

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