coffee valve espresso machine

22 Dec 2015

coffee valve espresso machine

coffee valve would like to tell you that Espresso machine derives from Italian coffee machine,it use the high pressure and fast brew way to make a cup of aromatic and delicious espresso coffee with the fine grinding ground coffee of bakery depth coffee bean in less than half minute,it can fully release the coffee oil and colloid that would present a special deep yellow in the surface of the coffee.Use the steam pipe of the machine,we can make foam milk to make latte art,so the espresso machine is very rich in variability.

Is it hard to operate the espresso machine?Some people say yes while some say no.Let’s see together.

1.Turn on the power,heat the machine after the indicator light out.The heating time is between 30 and 50seconds,observe the vaporimeter,when the indicator points at 60 to 80Pa,the heating process is finished.

2.Use the grinder to grind the fresh coffee bean into fine grinding ground coffee.

3.Put the ground coffee into the coffee machine handle.

4.Use the tamper to press the ground coffee and make it solid and tight,let it uniform and smooth so that it can be extracted evenly.

5.Put the coffee machine handle to the espresso machine,let the brew head at a 90 ͦ angle to the espresso machine.

6.Put the coffee bottom,the coffee would flow out.When the coffee is enough,put the coffee button again then it will stop flowing.

7.The aromatic and delicious espresso is ready.

If you want to make cappuccino or latte with the espresso,you need to use the steam pipe to make foam milk.

1.Before making foam milk, you should let the steam pipe rotate for several seconds to let cold milk and the milk filthy out.

2.Pour the milk into the steel cup,let the surface connect to the steam pipe,make the foam milk and heating to 60℃ ,then turn off the button.One point you have to notice is you should not pour too much milk into the steel cup because it will inflate 3 times when making foam milk.

3.No matter cappuccino,or latte,good milk is very important.

In fact,use espresso machine to make espresso is not as hard as you think.If you know its working principle and the operate process,I think it’s easy for you to make a cup of espresso.As many people say,”practice makes perfect.”If you practice more,you can also make a cup of aromatic and delicious espresso coffee.

coffee valve espresso machine
coffee valve espresso machine
coffee valve espresso machine
coffee valve espresso machine

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Originally published 22 Dec 2015, updated 22 Dec 2015.


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