coffee valve ethiopian coffee ceremony one

06 Apr 2016

coffee valve ethiopian coffee ceremony one

Coffee has a sacred position in Ethiopia,most Ethiopians are proud of coffee. coffee valve would like to tell you that in Ethiopia,coffee is not only a believe,but also a cherish culture.People can refuse to do many things even to attend the wedding ceremony,but they can’t refuse to attend the coffee ceremony because that is an expression that express they are accepted by the local people if they are invited to attend the coffee ceremony.

Ethiopia is a multinational country that has complex physiognomy,their coffee is planted in different areas.The coffee ,is the only thing that over eighteen nations respect uniformly.Only 40% of coffee in Ethiopia is export,the other is used in all kinds of ceremonies.For example,Ethiopian usually used coffee bean,coffee berry,butter and salt to make porridge when holding the wedding ceremony.They make a magical medicine to drive the bad luck out with the coffee,honey and various of herbal medicine.Besides,they mix the leaves of coffee tree with the coffee to make a special tea to welcome the guest,and so on.

Coffee is used widely in Ethiopia,and the most important aspect of the coffee is the coffee ceremony.The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a long process,it is two hours on average.This ceremony is doing every day,almost the ceremonies have a purpose,they may be held for a proposal,or for solving a family conflict,or to welcome the guests.

The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is very special.First of all,the hostess need to roast the coffee.After the roasting,the coffee bean would be put into the pot and let the every guest smell the aroma,then the hostess start to make coffee.

In general,there are is a custom when drinking coffee in Ethiopia.The first cup of coffee called Abol that is the most important and is hardest to drink.When the coffee ceremony is held to solving the conflict,the people should drink it off bravely even it is really hard to drink,then they have to narrate their thoughts.The second cup of coffee is Tona,it is boiling for the second time,water is added but the coffee still have a strong taste.If the opposite accept the narrator’s viewpoint,they would drink the second cup of coffee off.Otherwise,it’s no need to drink the third cup of coffee.The third cup of coffee called Baraka,when the conflict is solved and they get a satisfy result,all of them would drink it off.The third cup of coffee is a symbol of joy.

coffee valve ethiopian coffee ceremony one

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Originally published 06 Apr 2016, updated 06 Apr 2016.


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