coffee valve flawed coffee beans

coffee valve flawed coffee beans

As the saying goes,”one bad egg can rot the whole barrel.”For the same reason, coffee valve knows people think just a small flawed coffee bean would has great destructive effect to the whole cup even the whole pot of coffee.The coffee experts think one flawed coffee bean can influence 50g good coffee beans.Generally,the flawed coffee beans can be divided into 8 categories.

1.Immature beans Just as the name implies,the immature beans are the products that the immature coffee cherries are picked and processed,they would bring a strange acidity and bitterness.

2.Broken beans Broken beans are the coffee beans that are broken during the processing.The broken beans would make the coffee bean unevenly heated,and they would affect the whole appearance of the coffee beans.

3.Wormy beans There are more or less small holes that can be seen in the wormy coffee beans.These holes have been already formed before the coffee cherries are picked because the insects intruded into the coffee cherries and lay eggs,these insects survival rely on eating the coffee cherries.

4.Moldy beans Generally,the Moldy beans are produced because of the halfway dry process,or the coffee beans got damp when they are stored and transported.Another situation is the coffee cherries fall to the floor for a long time so that they went moldy before they were picked and processed.

5.Shell beans Shell beans are produced due to the halfway shelling process.The shell beans can not be evenly heated when roasted because the shell beans have worse heat-transfer than the normal beans.

6.Ferment beans Ferment beans can easily produced in the process of water wash method,they would have big impact on the coffee flavor.

7.Shell-like beans These coffee beans have strange shape look like the shell.They are broken in the central line of the coffee and lead to the material inside turn out such as the embryo.

8.Dead beans The dead beans are hard to roasted,they would have lighter color than other normal beans so that they can be easily picked out after roasting.

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