coffee valve fresh coffee enemies

coffee valve fresh coffee enemies

As we all know,freshness is very important to coffee because it determines whether the quality of coffee is good or not.However,only appropriate storage can ensure the freshness of coffee.Generally speaking,we would choose an appropriate packaging first when we want to store roasted coffee well.But,simply finish this step is not enough to store coffee well and keep coffee fresh.In addiction to appropriate packaging,we also need to choose a relative ideal place to store the roasted coffee.When choosing the place for storing coffee,it’s necessary to take four enemies of fresh coffee into consideration. coffee valve would like to tell you those four enemies are air,moisture,high temperature and sunlight.


Coffee is very sensitive to air due to it can react with the O2.If the coffee contact with the air,the chemical reaction happen,the coffee would lost its aroma and flavor,and the oil would be fade.So,the coffee bean need to be stored in a tightness environment where there is not allow the air in.Before seal the coffee bag,drive the air inside away is necessary,too.


Moisture is a big enemy of fresh coffee because of its strong damage power.The humid environment is bad for coffee storage.If the coffee bean contact with the moisture,the coffee flavor would be discounted heavily.The coffee would be more bitter and there is no aroma left,it has single taste.So,the coffee should be avoided to the moisture to be stored.

3.High temperature

Many people find that the coffee is easier to lose its flavor in the hot summer than the cold winter.This phenomenon tell us that high temperature had a bad impact on coffee freshness.Under high temperature,the coffee bean would releases the oil and the aroma would escapes with the oil.The high temperature would provides more opportunities to the oil to be oxidized.In a word,the roasted would easier go stale if exposed to the sun light.To avoid this bad result,the coffee bean should not be stored under high temperature.

4.Sun light

Except air,moisture and temperature,coffee also doesn’t like sun light.If exposed to the direct sun light,the roasted coffee would lose its aroma quickly.Therefor,the coffee should be kept away from high temperature to be stored.

These are the four enemies of fresh coffee,all of them have strong damage power to the roasted coffee.So coffee storage should be avoid their damage as much as possible.The basics to choose the place to store according to these four enemies is decrease air movement,limit temperature,avoid moisture and protect from sun light.

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