coffee valve future of specialty coffee

16 Oct 2017

In 1993, the concept of fine coffee has not yet risen, but Japan's own roasting industry in green beans, baking, brewing promotion has a considerable scale. After a period of time, Japan into a shop frenzy. Just ten years time, by the heyday of more than seventy thousand stores all the way down less than thirty thousand stores.

Why would this happen? Some people think that the consumption of coffee is growing, but a short time too many industry investment in the formation of the situation, they are not only faced with severe knockout, large chain restaurants and various types of funds with the scale of operation is also eyeing the active rush.

So is really that way? Higher than the price of traditional coffee, can only be one for it, it is difficult to integrate into the public life, so after the vigorous development of ten years later, into the boutique coffee industry stagnation.

Now, there are only two places in the world that have frantic coffee: Taiwan and South Korea. In recent years, a large number of Asian young people seem to invest in the fashion industry. But in coffee valve it seems that coffee is the consumption of life, need to return to the level of life to look at coffee, rather than chasing pop, bumbling. Perhaps the future of coffee in Asia will be better if the coffee culture is popular in Asia and the habit of drinking coffee is enough to support the high consumption of fine coffee.

coffee valve future of specialty coffee

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Originally published 16 Oct 2017, updated 16 Oct 2017.


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