coffee valve golden mandheling

coffee valve golden mandheling

coffee valve would like to tell you public clamor can melt metals,the mandheling has become a representative of the specialty coffee produced in Indonesia.But do you really know mandheling?Do you know why this coffee named mandheling?Can you distinguish mandheling and Golden mandheling?

In fact,mandheling is neither the place name nor the production area name,neither the port name nor the name of coffee type,but the pronunciation of the name of a nation called Mandailing that live in Sumatra.Why this nation has closely relationship with this coffee?There is an interesting story.

During the World WarⅡwhen Japan occupied the Sumatra,a Japanese solder drank a cup of delicious coffee in a coffee shop in Sumatra.The solder was curious about this coffee,he asked the boss,”What is this coffee?”The boss thought wrong that the solder wanted to know where was him from,so he answered the boss,”Mandailing.”After the World WarⅡ,the solder missed this delicious coffee he had ever drunk in Sumatra and he remembered the coffee called mandheling.He asked the coffee broker in Indonesia to bring 15tuns of mandheling coffee to Japan for him.Unexpectedly,this coffee was popular in Japan,and its name mandheling started to be known in the world.What is more interesting is this wrong name brought out a famous coffee company named Pawani coffee company that is simply named PWN in Indonesia,the PWN has registered and own this coffee name.

Many people often drink mandheling coffee,but they don’t know what is golden mandheling.Some people think the golden mandheling is aged mandheling.Actually they are wrong.Mention to the golden mandheling and want to know it,a company named Pwani Coffee Company should be known first.This company is a famous coffee acquiring company in Indonesia,it mainly purchase the golden mandheling coffee.PWN acquires almost the best coffee producers in Indonesia,so the coffee it sales is the specialty coffee that in a high quality specially golden mandheling.PWN purchases the green mandheling bean and pick the big and full coffee bean that is flawless through several times carefully hand picking,that’s the golden mandheling.Due to the PWN registers the logo of golden mandheling,so strictly speaking,the coffee only produced by PWN can be named as golden mandheling.There are many coffee named golden mandheling in the market,actually they should be named specialty mandheling.So,the golden mandheling is not the aged mandheling,it’s a kind of product that is named as golden mandheling by PWN.

PWN engages in exporting coffee,it mainly export coffee to Japan,America and Taiwan of China.Due to over 95% of golden mandheling of PWN is exported to Japan and Taiwan,so the PWN has become the representative of quality guarantee in Japan and Taiwan.

Now,let’s see the difference between mandheling and golden mandheling.We know that the golden mandheling is the high quality bean separated from the common mandheling.That is say the golden mandheling is the first class mandheling bean.Speaking more accurately,the golden mandheling is the first class mandheling that produced by PWN.And,what is mandheling is all the sun bean and half sun bean produced in the mountain area nearby the Lake Toba of center or northern Sumatra.

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Originally published 03 Mar 2016, updated 03 Mar 2016.

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