coffee valve how to make milk foam

28 Dec 2015

coffee valve how to make milk foam

coffee valve can keep coffee bean fresh enough to make a cup of delicious coffee including cappuccino and latte.Cappuccino and latte is combined with coffee and milk,not only are them delicious,but also look beautiful.However,only the milk is made to smooth milk foam,it can add color to the appearance and taste of the cappuccino and latte.But,make milk foam is a skill that many people can’t make it well.So,let’s learn how to make milk foam with steam pipe together.


(1)Special steel cup:the top is narrow and the bottom is wide so that the milk is easy to be created to whirlpools.

(2)Thermometer:the respond speed of fahrenheit thermometer is faster than celsius thermometer.

(3)Milk blisters spoon:the pointed mouth egg shape spoon is convenient to removed the upper big milk foam,the small milk foam is left,it would taste more smooth.

(4)Clean cloth:used to keep the steam pipe clean

coffee valve how to make milk foam

2. The volume of milk foam

Pour one third of cold milk into the steel cup,generally the milk can be made 2 to 3 times milk foam.

3. The temperature of milk foam

1. Lower than 230℃:the temperature is too low to make good milk foam.

2. Between 266℃ and 320℃:it’s suitable to make cappuccino

3. Greater than 356℃:the temperature is too high,the milk fat would be destroyed,the milk foam is hart to keep lasting.It can’t be made to foam if want to make it again.

Attention:①the milk should be fine and smooth,big milk foam should be move away.②When making milk foam,the surface of the milk should be at a 45° angle,float up and down the steel up to decide the milk foam is big or small.

coffee valve how to make milk foam

4. The basic process of making milk foam

Make enough milk foam first,then adjust the position the the steam pipe,reduce the noise or increase the temperature of the milk.

5. The steps of making milk foam

(1)Choose cold milk between 2℃ and 4℃,the volume of the milk should be one third of the volume of the steel cup.

(2)Open the machine and the steam valve several seconds to let the cold water out.

(3)Put the thermometer into the container,then put the steam pipe into the milk,and turn on the button.

(4)Let the mouth of the steam pipe at a 45° angle to the surface of the milk,the steam moth should not be higher than the surface of the milk,otherwise the milk would spill from the cup.When the steam pipe is put in an appropriate position,we can listen hissing,otherwise the machine would has very big noise or no any noise.

(5)When the milk foam is enough,the steam pipe can be put deeper into the milk to heating the milk.It’s better that the angle of the steam pipe can make the milk rotate.

(6)Turn off the machine when the temperature reach 60℃ to 70℃.

(7)Use the wet cloth to clean the milk left on the steam pipe,and let the steam out,otherwise the milk will dry and it would be hard to clean.

coffee valve how to make milk foam

Making milk foam is one of the processes making cappuccino and latte,it’s necessary to make milk foam if you want to make a cup of delicious cappuccino or latte.In fact,making milk foam is not as hard as you think,practice more,and you will succeed.

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Originally published 28 Dec 2015, updated 28 Dec 2015.


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