coffee valve how to store roasted coffee

14 Sep 2015

Flavor is the soul of the coffee.It’s important to store it well as soon as possible to keep freshness and avoid the stale.If not,the coffee will go stale soon.

However,storing roasted coffee is a hard and patience work that have a great impact on the quality of coffee.There are several factors should be taken into consideration when storing coffee.

coffee valve how to store roasted coffee

1.CO2 gases

CO2 gases created during the roasting process would break down and degrade the original flavor coffee drinkers desire.


Coffee would go stale once it is exposed to the air.This would easier happen to the ground coffee than coffee bean because the contact area of ground coffee exposed to the air is bigger.

coffee valve how to store roasted coffee


Moisture is also an enemy of coffee.One coffee gets wet,it would be decayed. That’s why coffee should be kept dry.


Coffee should be avoided exposure to the light especially sun light.Light would higher temperature and quicken the process of oxidation.

coffee valve how to store roasted coffee


Lower temperature will of course slow down chemical reaction such as oxidation,and heat will accelerate it.


All coffee has it’s best tasted time.It should not be stored in a long time over six months.It would lost it’s flavor more or less no matter how good the coffee is.

coffee valve how to store roasted coffee

Due to the influence of these factors,it’s an important and difficult thing for coffee producers to store their coffee while avoid the stale and keep it’s flavor.In order to solve these problems,they’ve though many ways to package and store the coffee.

Actually,storing coffee well need to take two things into consideration.One is choose an good packaging and the other is store it in an appropriate place. Many experts recommended to use WOJIN aluminum foil bag that is light-proof with a WOJIN coffee valve.This way is approved by lots of coffee manufactures because it can vents away the trapped carbon dioxide gas inside and also block out air,moisture and light to seal in flavor so that the coffee can prolong it’s life-span and keep it’s freshness as long as possible.In addiction to packaging,the place where coffee is stored is also an important factor.The place should be limit temperature fluctuations ,dry and avoid exposure to the light.By the way,taste your fresh coffee as soon as possible after roasting and do not store it too long.

coffee valve how to store roasted coffee

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Originally published 14 Sep 2015, updated 14 Sep 2015.


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