coffee valve identify coffee quality by tasting

22 Sep 2015

Every coffee lover has his unique opinion on the appreciation of coffee.How to appreciate and identify the quality of a cup of coffee according it’s taste?In general,a cup of good coffee should has it’s original flavor instead of unpleasant smell and taste.We should according to five aspects to identify the flavor of coffee—aroma,sweetness,bitterness,acidity and body.

coffee valve identify coffee quality by tasting


A cup of good coffee would throw off strong aroma that occupies our noses.And the whole house would be full of the fascinating aroma.


The unique sweetness of coffee is the most important element for measuring the flavor of coffee.After swallowing the coffee,we will obviously feel this wonderful taste.If the coffee is fresh enough,this distinct taste would stay in the mouth for a long time that lead a person to endless aftertaste.

coffee valve identify coffee quality by tasting


The most basic taste of coffee.In addition to coffee bean,the bitterness is connected to the concentration of coffee.Good coffee has moderate and acceptable bitterness.


Acidity is an essential taste of good coffee.Appropriate acidity can give tasters a taste stimulation to enjoy the coffee.However, the acidity from fermented coffee would destroy the coffee flavor.


The body of a cup of coffee would bring tasters mellow ,good texture and strong taste. Tasters would have a wonderful feeling when coffee flowing in the mouths.

coffee valve identify coffee quality by tasting

What is said above are the elements measuring the quality of coffee.In a word, a cup of good coffee should has wonderful aroma, sweetness, bitterness, acidity and body. How to achieve this? Of course, we should try our best to keep freshness of coffee.It’s no doubt that the best way is store roasted coffee in WOJIN aluminum foil bag with WOJIN one way degassing valve.WOJIN can help to keep the freshness of coffee because WOJIN coffee valve can help venting the carbon dioxide inside while preventing oxygen enter the bag to destroy the roasted coffee.WOJIN can meet your need of high quality coffee.

coffee valve identify coffee quality by tasting

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Originally published 22 Sep 2015, updated 22 Sep 2015.


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