Coffee Valve Insect Teces Tea

Coffee Valve Insect Teces Tea

Today, I grew up my knowledge, because I saw an article on the Internet, found the Black Ivory Coffee coffee, civet coffee, and tea also extracted from the feces, coffee valve simply introduces this insect feces tea.

As you all know, civet coffee is the India musk cats eat ripe coffee cherries pulled out and dried out of the gourmet coffee beans, and then I have to talk about the insect feces tea.

Insect feces tea,also known as the "pearl tea", in addition to some more refined name:Insect tea,treasure tea,instant tea,It mainly in Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou at the junction of the three provinces, is living here in a special tea for Miao, Yao and other ethnic minority people's daily love drinking.

In fact, the local people to the tea, noto, flowers and trees and other branches stacked together, and then attract insects to eat them out of the stool made of tea. Yes, it is a "eat feces".

Pull out the stool is not insect feces tea, the farmers also need to collect insect feces, with a sieve residue after drying to the leaves dry, according to certain proportion of tea, honey production, will produce a unique fragrance, this time can really be called "insect feces tea".

Insect feces tea was rich and sweet, the taste is very mellow and refreshing, resistant foam, taste the flavor of tea, it is rare, especially its price!

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