coffee valve irish coffee story

coffee valve irish coffee story

coffee valve thinks all coffee lovers must know coffee can bring us a graceful and romantic felling,but in fact,I don’t know what’s the best romantic coffee before I heard the story of Irish coffee.

It is said that Irish coffee was originated from a romantic love story.A barman who worked in a bar in Dublin airport of Ireland met and fell in love with a beautiful airline stewardess.The barman though the stewardess is so attractive as the whisky.Every time when the stewardess landed at the airport,she would came to the bar and asked different coffee with her different mood,but she never asked whisky.The barman was good at making whisky,he hoped to make a cup of whisky for the beautiful stewardess by himself.Finally,he though up a good way,he mixed the whisky with coffee and make a new beverage named Irish coffee.He added the Irish coffee into the menu and wait the moment that the stewardess find it,but the stewardess did not find and ask the Irish coffee for a long time.And the barman just threw himself on his work and did not remind her,then he just waited for the next time the stewardess came.One year later,the stewardess finally found the Irish coffee and asked it.It was the first time the barman made Irish coffee for the stewardess,he was moved to teared.He was afraid that the stewardess would saw he was tearing,so he wiped away his tear with his hand,and secretly drew a circle with his tear on the rim of coffee cup.So the first sip of Irish coffee is with the taste of missing.Therefor,the Irish coffee also named The Angel’s Tear.

The stewardess,became the first customer who asked Irish coffee.Why nobody asked Irish coffee before the stewardess did in one year?It is said that the barman made double menus,only when the stewardess asked beverage,he would present the menu wrote with Irish coffee.

The stewardess loved Irish coffee very mush,only she landed at Dublin airport after that,she would came to the bar and asked a cup of Irish coffee.gradually,they were well acquainted with each other,the stewardess would tell the barman many interesting things of other countries,and the barman taught her how to make Irish coffee.Until one day,the stewardess told the barman she decided to quit her job of airline stewardess and said farewell to him,their story was over.

After the stewardess came back to San Francisco,she wanted to drink Irish coffee,but she can’t find it in any coffee shops,then she realized the Irish coffee is specially made for her.Later,she opened a coffee shop and also sold Irish coffee,then Irish coffee was popular in San Francisco.That’s why the Irish coffee was originated from Ireland,but was popular in San Francisco.

Not only is Irish coffee a cup of coffee,but is a cup of whisky,that is a beautiful mistake.The romantic Irish coffee with strong aroma and taste,is suitable to the mood of missing.The bitterness of the coffee and the astringent of the whisky is like the taste of life,after drinking the Irish coffee off,the strong aroma and taste lead to endless aftertaste.

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Originally published 22 Nov 2015, updated 22 Nov 2015.

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