coffee valve korean coffee

09 Jan 2016

coffee valve korean coffee

It’s hard to run a company,many companies failed in the market due to their inappropriate operating mode.WOJIN coffee valve know this truth and continuous innovate to operate our company well.

In December,2015,ZooCoffee,a brand of Korean coffee in Beijing was closed,with in arrears of VIP’s membership fee.This news brushed the screen of coffee field,it is said that ZooCoffee was closed because of the poor service quality.This case remind people of the Caffe Bene case last year,both of them are Korean brands,have been developed rapidly and then some franchisees were closed in Chinese market.Is Korean coffee at operation crisis?

coffee valve korean coffee

ZooCoffee was established in 2009 in Korea,then it was developed rapidly in Asian market.In 2013,ZooCoffee was opened in China with franchise mode.There were than 160 franchisees in China less than 2 years,they quickly occupied the market.However,behind the great success,they expose many problems such as poor management lead they started to fade.

Compare to many coffee brands from Europe and America,individual investment is the main invest way of Korean coffee,while the European and American brands is mainly invested by the competent enterprises or groups.At the same time,European and American brands have a obviously advantage in supply chain and manage way,so their franchisees have a strong normative,So they have a stronger resistance of the market risk.But Korean coffee is in a single model,their environment and products are easy to copy,so it is easy to be imitated.Besides,Korean coffee doesn’t has deep root,that’s also a reason why the operation risk raised.

From this thing,we can know that no matter how successful a company is,they have to pay attention to the creativity and products updates.Only continual update products and service,a company can steadily stand on the market,otherwise,it would be easier to fail.

coffee valve korean coffee

Coffee,is an industry that has infinite possibility,but it coexists with the tremendous competitive,any enterprise has to strengthen themselves to survive in this field.Of course,WOJIN coffee valve would try our best to provide higher quality products and service to our customers.

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Originally published 09 Jan 2016, updated 09 Jan 2016.


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