coffee valve male female coffee beans

05 Apr 2016

coffee valve male female coffee beans

coffee valve have ever heard that coffee bean is divided into male and female,and many people think that the the male coffee bean has better taste than the female coffee bean. I was puzzled and doubt is it really?

In fact,as the hermaphrodite and sell-pollination plant,the seed of coffee cherry is not divide into fame and female.The normal round seed in a coffee cherry is consist of two coffee beans.These normal coffee beans are called flat bean,that are the female coffee bean.Generally,there are two coffee beans in a coffee cherry,but sometime there is only one bean,or three even four beans in a coffee cherry.Now,let’s focus on the only one bean coffee cherry.If the coffee seed is not divided into two coffee bean ,it would be a round coffee bean that is called round bean,that’s the male coffee bean.

Many coffee lover is deeply in love with the round bean bean because they think the round bean has better taste than the flat bean.In fact,the round bean is truly more expensive than the plat bean in the coffee trade.Why the coffee tree can produce the round coffee bean?Firstly,the coffee trees may grow the round bean if the coffee cherry grow in the top of the branch of the coffee trees.Secondly,due to the worse weather condition,the coffee trees flower too early or too late would lead to the coffee cherry development not well.Because of the struggle for existence,one of the coffee bean eat another bean and grow the round coffee bean.Thirdly,during the procedure of growth,the coffee cherry can not development well due to it was suffer the plant diseases and insect pests,so the round bean grown.

Is really the round coffee bean has better taster than the flat bean?Many coffee gardeners think the round coffee bean produced in the third situation,it does not have obviously advantage of to the normal coffee bean.But,if the round coffee produced in the first or the second situation,the round bean would have better flavor than the normal coffee bean because it can absorb more sunlight and heat in the top branch,and it can enjoy alone all nutrition of the coffee cherry.

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Originally published 05 Apr 2016, updated 05 Apr 2016.


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