coffee valve metal filter net

13 Dec 2015

coffee valve metal filter net

coffee valve would like to tell you that due to hand drip coffee can present more original coffee flavor,it’s loved by many coffee lovers.Generally,three type of filters to make hand drip coffee people usually use are metal filter net,filter paper and filter cloth.Use these three filters to make coffee has the similar steps,but the coffee made from these different filters will present different taste.

Metal filter net

Using metal filter to make coffee,the small ground coffee would drip into the coffee cup with the water together,so the coffee has good thickness and body,and the coffee oil would appear on the surface.Besides,another advantage is the metal filter net is durable,it can be cycle used.The only thing should be pay attention to is have to clean it after use.

Filter paper

Filter paper can absolutely filter the ground coffee,the small ground coffee can’t not drip into the coffee cup with water,so the coffee is very clean.However,the filter paper would also filter the coffee oil out at the same time so that the coffee has weak thickness and body.And,what should be noticed is the filter paper only can be used one time,so it’s a little waste.

Filter cloth

Many coffee lovers like making hand drip coffee with filter cloth,they think the coffee is more flagrant because the coffee oil would adhere to the filter cloth after cycle used,so the coffee oil would add more flagrance to the coffee.Except the aroma,many people love it due to the coffee made with filter cloth is cleaner than metal filter net and filter paper.

Through comparing,we know the advantage and disadvantage of these three filters,which one do you choose is depend on your personal taste.If you prefer clean coffee to coffee mixed with small ground coffee,you should choose the filter paper or filter cloth.If you don’t want to waste the filter paper,the filter cloth would be best choice for you.If you think the thick body can grasp your tongue,you can choose the metal filter.

Now matter which filter do you use,you have to use fresh coffee bean if you want to enjoy the good taste coffee.WOJN coffee valve,is your fresh coffee partner.

coffee valve metal filter net
coffee valve metal filter net
coffee valve metal filter net

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Originally published 13 Dec 2015, updated 13 Dec 2015.


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