coffee valve milk foam coffee

20 Oct 2015

coffee valve milk foam coffee

We don’t especially talk about cappuccino or latte here,but milk foam coffee.Milk foam coffee include all kinds of milk coffee such as cappuccino and latte that is made of espresso as the base,then use the steam to foam milk and pour into the cup.Do you know what’s a cup of good foam milk coffee like?As far as I’m concerned,beautiful latte art,steaming,or large cup are not the standards to measure the foam milk coffee is good or not.I think there are three important aspects should be considered.

Firstly,the most important factor is the taste.Not only should a cup of good foam milk coffee has the sweet taste of milk,but also the sweetness and bitterness of coffee.When the milk foam coffee is in the mouth,sweet taste is felt firstly, then the light bitterness,it’s tasty when these two taste is combined.But the proportion of coffee and milk foam should be controlled appropriate,if too much milk foam is poured into the coffee ,the taste of coffee would be covered by the taste of milk,and we can’t feel any taste of sweetness and bitterness of coffee even think that’s not a cup of coffee.

Secondly,the mouthfeel is also very important.A cup of good milk foam coffee should be thick.With the action of steam,the milk is puffed and full of bubble,it can give us an exquisite and silky feeling.Rather,If milk foam is completely separated to coffee,that’s not a good milk foam coffee.For example,I used to drink cappuccino in many coffee sops,there is lots of milk foam lie on the surface of coffee,and the bottom is espresso only,this cappuccino taste bad, I can’t feel any mouthfeel.The causes lead to this problem are use milk repeatedly,or the milk foam is made too long,or they use bad milk.Anyway,There is no mouthfeel in any milk foam coffee that milk foam and coffee are layered.

In addition,latte art also is an important factor.Latte art can add brilliance to coffee’s present splendor,it can attract people’ eyes,but it’s not the soul of a cup of good milk foam coffee.If the coffee has beautiful latte art only and lose it’s taste and mouthfeel,it would be in vain.

In a word,taste and mouthfeel decide the coffee’s quality.To make a cup of milk foam coffee that has perfect taste and mouthfeel is very difficult,of course, the quality of coffee bean must be good and the makers should be skillful.Besides,store coffee well in an air-tight bag with a good coffee valve to fresh coffee is the important,WOJIN can help you to achieve this goal.WOJIN is the golden supplier in the word,we contribute to coffee packaging and is absolutely your fresh coffee partner.

coffee valve milk foam coffee

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Originally published 20 Oct 2015, updated 20 Oct 2015.


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