coffee valve most coffee brands come from Europe

04 Nov 2015

coffee valve most coffee brands come from Europe

Since I begin to drink coffee,I’ve been learned more and more about coffee.However,there are many things about coffee beyond comprehension.Recently,I am curious about one thing that is why many famous coffee brands are from Europe and America,or Japan,but country of origin such as Africa.

Many well-know coffee brands such as Starbucks,Doutor,Second Cup and so on,all of them are from Developed countries of Europe and America,or Japan.In these countries,there are coffee shops everywhere even more than restaurants.I heard that there is a character in Korea in coffee shops and bread shops,the coffee shops mainly sale coffee and concurrently engaged in bread and dessert business,also the bread shops mainly sale bread and dessert and concurrently engaged in coffee business.Anyway,their business can’t stay away coffee and run well.These countries do not planted coffee,but they have profound coffee culture even make lots of famous coffee brands,however,no one is from origin.Why such a strange phenomenon appeared?I think that’s a question that is worth considering.

Coffee is origin from Africa,why it stand out and is popular after spread to Europe and America?In my view,there are many reasons cause this phenomenon.

Firstly,coffee is so tasty that European and American like drinking it.

Secondly,coffee can make people energetic,European and America are always busy,so they need coffee to give them a lift.They can work more efficiently after drinking coffee.

Thirdly,Europe and America are located in the high latitude area,cold climate and long nights would increasing their love of hot coffee.

Besides,many great men in Europe and America made their works after drinking coffee,and many historical stories happened in coffee shops.Over time,coffee is praised and spread,and there is profound coffee culture in Europe and America.

Last but mot least,in many regions of Africa,African do not drink coffee though they product coffee.Although coffee is origin from Africa,drinking coffee isn’t their hobby of the ancestral inheritance of African.At the beginning,they crumbed the coffee and added some foil water,then drank because they didn’t have roast technology.In fact,they prefer to chew dried coffee bean.Of course,there is an important reason except their hobby,that is because most countries in Africa is poor,they make a living rely on producing coffee,so the good coffee is too cherish to eat by themselves.

All the reasons I mentioned above are my private opinions,I am not sure if these are actually true.If you read this article and have any ideas,please contract and discuss with me.Similarly,if you have any questions about coffee valve and coffee packaging,feel free to contract WOJIN coffee valve.

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Originally published 04 Nov 2015, updated 04 Nov 2015.


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