coffee valve paris terror attack

15 Nov 2015

coffee valve paris terror attack

At the late at night on Friday,November 13th,a terror attack happened in Paris,France,terrorists killed more than 100 valve saw this new in the morning and had a terror of this,many doubts raised in my mind,what’s the matter with the world?

This attack shook the world again,it is said that it is the deadliest attack on a Western city since 9/11.The president of French said it is the unprecedented attack in French,and announced the whole French is in national emergency.

Many countries including China strongly blamed the terror attack in Paris and expressed condolence to French.They also supported France in fight against international terrorism.Obama,the president of America said this is an attack not just in Paris,not just on the people of France,but this is an attack on all humanity and the universal values that we share.Yes,I totally agree with him,today the attack happened in Paris,it may happen in other cities of other counties later.How crazy the terrorists is!

Fight against international terrorism,is a long term topic in the world.It seems that the terrorists in the wold never give up against the peace world,and the innocent people can’t avoid the injured.The most impossible reason is the religion,and some people said it is related to Syria,different saying from many people,but what is the real reason is not clear.

The terror attack in Paris is a bad thing for the whole world,I think not only is that a misfortune for the people who were killed,but is a misfortune for the terrorists themselves because they were killed after they killed some people.But it is true that the misfortune has happened,whatever happened in the past,I hope such a bad thing will not happen again in the future because the world need peace.

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Originally published 15 Nov 2015, updated 15 Nov 2015.


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