coffee valve said american style

09 Jan 2018

In general, the Americano has two types; one is strong coffee, while another is weak coffee. In America, the coffee of east side is stronger than west side, while the coffee of south side is stronger than north side. In terms of ethnicity, Southern European and Latino love the strong coffee than England, Germany, Northern Europe immigrants. A good cup of Americano, it’s not only has bitter taste, but also has acidity taste, sweet taste and the coffee aroma that let people unforgettable.

The American do not care the method of brewing coffee, and the coffee drinking style is similar with their national culture, so they love the freedom time to drink coffee. At the same time, coffee has gone deep into their life which cannot separate with, and it has influenced American cannot live without coffee.

Americano is most popular in North America, especially breakfast time. During the time of going to office, you will see office workers hold a cup of Americano in their hand everywhere. In domestic, most cafes provide the Americano, but most of Americano lovers are foreigners and the locals who have foreign life experience, and they always order to take-away. Actually, we are glad to see that they are putting coffee as their life necessities.

coffee valve said, do you know that the world's largest coffee consumption is the United States. No matter you are stay at home, office, public place, or roadside vending machine, the American cannot leave coffee almost 24 hours a day.

Americans drink coffee like an improvised speech, it’s not purposeful, and do not have too much preparation, but it can make people touched. At the same time, brewing coffee is casual, which make people feel their unique culture deeply. Of course, with this casual, Americano is also the pursuit of exquisite, and with beauty of the pursuit.

coffee valve said american style

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Originally published 09 Jan 2018, updated 09 Jan 2018.


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