coffee valve said black tea coffee

05 Dec 2017

Today,coffee valve tells you about black tea coffee. Why we call it named black tea coffee? Today we tell you that because black coffee is half of the coffee, half of the black tea fusion. Coffee is dryness-heat drink, black tea is mild drink, like a pair of mandarin ducks in general, warm blend, in pairs. Add a little condensed milk and sugar in black tea coffee, taste better. Black tea coffee is a symbol of sweet life. Coffee and black tea are complementary to the health of beauty effect.

Now to teach you how to make black tea coffee, first prepared materials: hot coffee half cup, hot black tea half cup, sugar bag. Make black tea coffee, the program is: hot coffee half a cup add hot black tea half cup, sugar, you can add a little condensed milk, taste better.

1. Because black tea coffee contains nutrients, so drinking time is suitable for all-day use.

2. Coffee is good for the skin. Black tea coffee can promote metabolic function, active digestive organs, great effect on constipation.

3. Coffee has hangover function. Drink coffee, will change from alcohol to the rapid oxidation of acetaldehyde, broken down into water and carbon dioxide and excreted.

4. Coffee can eliminate fatigue. To eliminate fatigue, must add nutrition, rest and sleep, promote metabolic function, and coffee has these functions.

5. Three cups of coffee a day can prevent gallstones

6. Drink coffee to prevent radiation damage.

7. Coffee health care function. Coffee with antioxidant and care, strong bones, waist and waist, appetizers and promote food, cellulite elimination products, awakening dehumidification, blood stasis, air spasm and other effects.

8. The influence of coffee on emotions.

coffee valve said black tea coffee

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Originally published 05 Dec 2017, updated 05 Dec 2017.


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