coffee valve said coffee affects students

coffee valve said coffee affects students

Do you know how old you can drink coffee?A study by the Ohio University in the United States has shown that caffeine has a negative effect on the body's growth in the most productive stages of minors.

After a follow-up study of 191 adolescents aged between 14 and 16, the researchers found that caffeine had a longer Half-life prolonged in the body.Because of their liver and kidney development is not complete, detoxification ability is poor.In addition, caffeine intake may also cause them to suffer from ADHD.Because caffeine can stimulate their central nervous system and interfere with their memories.

Today in China, the examination oriented education system has spawned many candidates who stay up late at night.In order to ensure that high school students can review their lessons at night, a lot of high school students will drink a lot of coffee for a long time.This has done great harm to their bodies.Because of the large amount of caffeine intake, resulting in their sleep quality continues to decline.Even after waking up is also very easy to stay in bed, sleep time prolonged.In addition, they doze off during the day.Even because of excessive intake of caffeine, resulting in some severe insomnia, three days and nights can not sleep.

Drinking coffee seriously affects the health and mental development of these students.So coffee valve remind you not to let them drink coffee until they get into College.

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