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Bronze Age has become the past, and now is the era of network and micro-technology, its blood momentum, seemingly to the most exuberant time, in fact, is the life of the most brilliant blood of the beginning. Recently, China's first AI robot cafe formal appears in front of everyone during Shenzhen “Science Week", which indicates that China's technology has taken a glorious step. This cafe uses state-of-the-art voice orders plus smart payments, from traditional artificially crafted coffee models, to aroma of coffee by smart coffee, and then by hand to the robots. When you take coffee from the robot, you can give it a "nice" or "molested" it. Because the whole process is basically intelligent, from the point to drink coffee, the fastest not more than 1 minute.

The AI Robot Café, called "AI Coffee", was built by Rethink Robotics and hard eggs. This coffee shop, the coffee shop barista, the waiter is a robot, as well as intelligent LED lights, intelligent thermostat and other intelligent devices.

coffee valve heards that the current can provide most of the coffee species, almost ten kinds. Intelligent cafe will completely subvert the traditional cafe scene, the initial cost will be higher than the cost of manpower, from the long-term development point of view this is low cost, will also be the future direction of the mainstream development. The future will also be no one shop, no one retail, no one consumption, no service, such as hotels, tea houses, cafes will be unmanned, unmatched reflects the smart side, but also reflects the privacy of the side , So in the future, artificial intelligence will be cheaper than labor.

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Originally published 25 Dec 2017, updated 25 Dec 2017.

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