coffee valve said menstruation drink coffee

08 Jun 2017

Many women in the menstrual period, like to drink coffee, because it can alleviate their discomfort. But in the menstrual period drink coffee, is that okay? coffee valve tells you it is best not drink coffee in period.

Before the menstrual cramps, drink a small amount of coffee can ease the menstrual discomfort, but if the intake of too much caffeine, the health of women will have a serious impact. Studies have shown that if the intake of too much caffeine, carbohydrate metabolism will be blocked, the breast will produce edema, pain. And even increase the consumption of B vitamins stored in the body. Consumption of B vitamins, which is consumed in the B vitamins in the central nervous system plays an important role in the role of bile and inositol. This will cause female insomnia, anxiety, irritability and other symptoms of emotional instability.

Often drink coffee, the amount of blood will become more, menstrual disorders, and can easily lead to severe abdominal pain, female’s female estrogen will be significantly increased, ovarian aging, all functions of body will speed up aging. If people with gynecological diseases drink too much coffee, will lead to increased disease in patients. Therefore, women during menstruation, it is best to drink plenty of water to keep the stool open, to maintain adequate sleep. So as to reduce pelvic congestion, through the menstrual period. Young women do not because of the young and too self-willed, in the menstrual period, must not drink coffee.

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Originally published 08 Jun 2017, updated 08 Jun 2017.


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