coffee valve said nature process of coffee bean

coffee valve said nature process of coffee bean

The nature process of coffee beans are a traditional method of early processing for coffee beans, in Ethiopia, the ancient coffee beans are basically used this way to deal with raw beans. Today, coffee valve talks about the nature process of coffee beans. The nature process has been used for so long time because of the limitations of external environment. And the farmers who cannot easily obtain water resources only choose the nature process to deal with their coffee beans.

This nature process has a high requirement of the climate, if encounter rainy days accidently, then beans will go mouldy. This relatively primitive method will have a relatively high sweetness and mellowness, and acid will reduce accordingly, so the quality of coffee beans are unstable, and it will cause the taste has a great difference. Why the world's largest exporter of coffee beans will use this method? One of the reasons is that the lower cost of nature process, and they no need to devote a lot of money to sun-dry beans. The nature process is also commonly used in specialty coffee grown in Africa and Indonesia.

The market demand is changing constantly, but there is less place of nature process can be modified. So there are many people preferred to choose this nature process to deal with raw beans. After all, this is a very primitive processing method. Some many rainfalls areas which can easily affect the nature process of coffee beans, it can also be producing more and more nature process coffee.

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