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11 Nov 2015

coffee valve would like to ask you 'Have you buy anything?'Many friends asked me the same question this morning,then I realized that today is Double Eleven,the Single’s Day,actually I prefer to call it Shopping Day because thousands of people are shopping addicts on this day, they will buy lots of things though they threat themselves that they would cut their hands if they buy anything.

According to Beijing Morning Post,Alibaba created a record of 51.7 billion yuan of daily consumption in the Double Eleven last year.This year,in the first minute and twelve seconds,the trading volume of Tmall is over 1 billion yuan,81.82% is from wireless trading,last year it took 3 minutes to over 1 billion.This year,it took 12 minute and 28 second to over 10 billion yuan,and it was less than 8 hours,the trading volume is over 41.7 billion yuan,it exceed the online trading volume on Thanks Giving Day in American in 2014.Before 10 o’clock in this morning,the trading volume of Tmall is over 50 billion yuan.These miraculous data is really unexpected,it tell the whole world what is the China speed.

Mayun,the originator of Alibaba said internationalization is one of the major characteristic of Double Eleven in this year.He also said that not only is Double Eleven Chinese,but is becoming global.Double Eleven is not a promotion activity,but a festival of global culture that people communicate and share global culture.This festival is becoming a bridge of global economic,more and more countries is involved in this festival.It is said that in 10:30pm of Double Eleven,New York Stock Exchange will hold a long-range toll bell ceremony of open market of Double Eleven Global Carnival of 2015,this is the first time that NYSC hold such a grand ceremony for a Chinese internet enterprise.

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Originally published 11 Nov 2015, updated 11 Nov 2015.


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