coffee valve should freezing coffee

coffee valve should freezing coffee

Now we know that air,moisture,high temperature and sunlight are the four enemies of the fresh coffee.So,the basic to store coffee is decrease air movement,limit temperature,avoid moisture and protect from sun light.In order to limit the temperature of the storage environment,many people like freezing their coffee in the fridge.However,many experts think this way is not truly good for coffee freshness.Well, coffee valve would like to discuss whether or not we should freezing our coffee in the fridge.

To be honest,the fridge really is a good place to store the coffee in terms of its lower temperature for coffee storage and it can maximize the coffee freshness and flavor if the coffee is truly airtight and rarely opened.But,there are more influence factors in the fridge,it’s hard for coffee to be protected from their influence,therefore,the coffee would be easier to suffer the opposite result to what we wish.

First of all,the air in the fridge is cold and dry,the moisture of the coffee is easy to be evaporated so that the aroma would be lose together.

Secondly,there is a big difference of temperature inside and outside the fridge.The coffee would goes stale more quickly due to the movement of the temperature and humidity.When the coffee is taken out from the fridge,due to the coffee bean is in a lower temperature than the temperature outside,it would condenses the moisture in the air and become droplet that would damage the coffee.If is ground coffee,the droplet would make the ground coffee become lumpy so that coffee goes stale.So,if the coffee is stored in the fridge,it should be made coffee immediately in order to avoid to react with the moisture in the air.Then the rest coffee should be put back to the fridge as soon as possible.

Besides,we always store various of food in our fridge,so we know that there are a variety of smell in the fridge.The coffee would be polluted by other smell more or less because we can ensure the coffee packaging is truly airtight.

In a conclusion,we should not freezing our coffee including coffee bean and ground coffee in the fridge even though its low temperature can delay the natural spoil because of these influence factor as mentioned above.

Of course,it’s OK if you really want to store your coffee in the fridge,but you have to pay attention to some things.On one hand,you have to sure your coffee packaging is truly airtight.On the other hand,you should operate appropriately,for example,you should keep it airtight and put it back to the fridge after taking out.And,the coffee just is roasted well should not be store in the fridge because it is still developing its flavor.If it is put into the fridge immediately after roasting,it will stop developing the flavor that lead the coffee is not in the best quality.Therefor,many experts suggest that coffee should be stored in the fridge 2 to 3 days later after it finishes developing the flavor.

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